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RENOfloor® - The better covering system

Quartz or marble granules bounded with transparent reaction resin

Are you looking for an alternative for tiles or natural stones?

Our floor offers you a weather and frost resistant solution in the outskirt area which is optimal for your terrace, the balcony, the stairs or the garden path. Easy-care, solventless, close to nature and sanitarily easy, your living quarters benefit from this.

Fast and easy to lay in one day, these are the prefabricated RENOfloor-elements. Ideal for do-it-yourselfers!   So you profit from an extremely high surface bonding strength and a comfortable going on them. Above all our covering is impact noise deadening, elastic and highly stressable with a low installation height of only 8 mm! Further advantages >>read here<<

Your dream gets reality, a wide range of colours in two different granules, as well as intarsias and bordures offer you a possibility of designing without limits.
Make it easy – our floors don`t need much cleaning. You clear the dirt hoovering. In the outskirt area it is the rain that cleans the floor and also an annual cleaning with a garden hose or a high-pressure cleaner.
RENOfloor convinces you of an optimal price-performance ratio and the possibility of decorating your interior and exterior zone long-lastingly, decoratively and resistantly. Thereby RENOfloor meets the claim that you expect from a covering of high quality. This is the future of laying the covering yourself.

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